Kobi Business Broadband Solutions

At Kobi we have partnered with almost all of Ireland’s fibre business broadband providers to offer your organisation, the best internet connectivity, regardless of your office’s location. Choose from a superfast vDSL Internet Connection, or a robust and always connected Dedicated Fibre Internet connection. These are the fastest business broadband options available on the market today, ranging from 30Mbps up to 10Gbps! So whether you are running a small accountant’s office, or a large law firm, we have the best business internet options available for you.

And for those offices where neither fibre options are available, we can offer a wireless broadband solution. Through a licensed radio link, we can offer broadband speeds to your door of up to 1Gbps. Enough bandwidth to run some of the largest companies in Ireland.

Superfast Broadband
Fibre Broadband

Multiple Office Business Broadband Connections

We offer you the benefits of being able to obtain fast and secure enterprise-class broadband connections with multiple providers, from just one supplier. So for example, if one internet service provider, has a fibre broadband connection at your Dublin office, and another has a wireless broadband connection at your Cork office, we will obtain the best pricing for you from both parties, resulting in savings for you, and only one bill.

That’s business broadband from Kobi. 

business broadband office

Always on Business Broadband

All our dedicated fibre broadband connections are backed up by an enterprise-class Service Level Agreement (SLA), so in the unfortunate event of an interruption to service, you have a guaranteed response time. In the interest of business continuity and resilience, we can also provide an additional backup connection from another exchange to provide near 100% connectivity to your building.

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