Kobi Managed Cloud Online Backup

Kobi Cloud Backup is a fully managed backup service, so backup no longer becomes a concern or a worry for your business. When it comes to your service – our Irish-based engineers proactively ensure that your data is kept safe and secure at all times in our ISO approved data centre. All information on our servers is encrypted with multiple industry standard military grade encryption techniques – AES-256 and Blowfish-448, ensuring no data can be interpreted by a third-party – not even Kobi.

We have three levels of managed backup available powered by Veeam, Attix5 and Acronis.

Real time access to your backed up files with Virtual restore

Imagine having real time access to your backups as if it was stored on your local machine. VirtualRestore does exactly that. With the Kobi Platinum Cloud Backup Service powered by Attix5 a virtual drive of your backup is mounted on any local machine and you can access the data as if it is all local without using any additional storage. A secure connection is made to our servers and only the data required to access requested files and databases is transferred. This enables immediate access to your backups and SQL servers with zero waiting time.

Just some of the features of Kobi Cloud Online Backup

The Benefits of Kobi Cloud Online Backup

  • Your IT environment will be prepared for optimum backup performance.
  • We’ll manage all end-users’ backups and restores remotely.
  • We can install and deploy our cloud backup software remotely.
  • We’ll set daily, weekly or monthly automated backup success reports.
  • We’ll monitor your log reports, and fix anything that fails.
  • We’ll monitor your storage capacity and give you advance notification should you be running out.

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