Kobi Disaster Recovery as a Service

Today’s companies rely upon, and in many cases are built upon, their IT systems. Have you ever asked yourself what would happen in a worse case scenario? Fire or flooding in your offices? A malicious cyber attack? If you were an insurance broker, how would you respond to a customer trying to report a claim when all your servers have been destroyed?

We have partnered with many company’s IT departments to supply them with the Disaster Recovery infrastructure that they require to ensure all their mission critical applications remain live, enabling business to continue whatever the scenario. Whatever your company’s disaster recovery or business continuity plan, we have solutions that can meet your needs including Zerto and Veeam data replication and virtual desktop solutions. All replicated data is stored in our secure datacentre either in Dublin or London

Zerto and Veeam Disaster Recovery on Irish servers

Using either Zerto or Veeam, both leading disaster recovery technologies, your data is backed up and replicated from your infrastructure to our Dublin or London servers.

Zerto is the first hypervisor-based, data replication software solution specifically designed virtual infrastructure. Working across both VMware and HyperV hypervisors, Zerto offers a near-zero Recovery Time Objective (RTO). It also offers automated failover and failback that ensures the accuracy and efficiency of your disaster recovery plan, ensuring a smooth recovery for your business.

Our Veeam Disaster Recovery solution enables image capture of your entire server, which can be exactly replicated in our datacentre, ensuring your executable files – programs – and their databases remain as combined and configured as they currently are.

Watch this video to see how our Zerto Disaster Recovery solution can benefit your business

The Benefits of Kobi Disaster Recovery

1: Minimal downtime

With our near-zero Recovery Time Objective, and industry leading solutions, Zerto and Veeam, we can ensure your company continues running whatever the situation it faces.

2:  Constant replication

Our Zerto disaster recovery solution can offer real-time replication, so once a change is made to data on your on-site servers, this change is made in our datacentre. With our Veeam disaster recovery solutions, depending on the disaster recovery plan your IT department decide upon, you can have instances created at any time interval that you require.

3: Cost saving

With Kobi’s Disaster Recovery as a Service solutions, we can offer data replication to our Irish servers for an extremely cost effective price.


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