Kobi Virtual Private Server

Our Virtual Private Servers offer businesses flexibility and scalability through the use of VMware virtualisation technologies. These allow you to scale according to your own needs, consolidate your hardware footprint, and utilise hardware – that traditionally might remain idle during low traffic periods – to its full potential. Many businesses don’t want to share server resources with other customers, and with a Private Cloud the only company you share resources with is your own.

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VMware vCloud powered servers hosted in Ireland

Let one of our engineers create your own Virtual Private Server – VPS – to the specification that you require. Using our infrastructure, a Virtual Private Server is the most flexible way of setting up a server for your business. We have built our infrastructure on VMware, and are a VMware Authorised Service Provider in the VMware vCloud Air Network.

vmware vcloud vps

What are the benefits of a Virtual Private Server / Private Cloud?

  • Improved security over shared solutions – Your data is stored in your cloud and is not shared with anyone else, as is the case with shared database servers. All our hardware is stored at our highly secure 24/7/364 manned data centre.
  • The VMware virtualisation software (or “hypervisor”) is on your physical hardware with no other operating system in between (this is also known as “bare metal” or “Type 1”). It has full access to the hardware’s resources and allows them to be scheduled, shared and distributed to the virtual servers in the way that you see fit. For example; if your database server needs more RAM to cope with additional load you can delegate more resources to it from the resource pool with minimal effort.
  • Lower costs – You can customise your server with the exact resources that your business currently requires – so you only pay for what you need.
  • Customisation and flexibility – You choose what you run in your cloud! Private clouds are also adaptable with minimal time required to provision additional virtual machines on your infrastructure and grow with your business needs.