Connect all your staff with a secure business network

Never before has it been possible to connect so many devices to your local area network (LAN). Many people now use multiple devices to achieve their work goals – their laptop, tablet and mobile for instance. In order to do this, they need a fast and secure network. This is the lifeblood of business, enabling the safe and efficient transportation of data locally, and also via your private cloud.

Wireless Networks
Multi-site Network

Wireless vs Cabled Networks

Today you can have either, or a hybrid of both, wireless and cabled networks. With an ever increasing mobile workforce with mobile devices, we specialise in the implementation of secure wireless networks in businesses all over Ireland. This gives your staff the ability to access critical information, wherever they are in your building.

With the advancements in our enterprise class wireless access points, you can create different permissions based on an individual user. This adds an extra level of security to your network. You can also create bandwidth limits for different categories of users. For instance, all guest users combined cannot use more than 10% of your bandwidth. This helps you maintain internet access for those who you deem require it most.


Always working together

If you have multiple offices, they no longer need to exist as individual silos. Now, wherever your offices are located, they can work over the same network. This makes working with an employee in a different building, similar to working with a member of staff just down the hallway. With numerous private network possibilities, such as VPN, MPLS and RAP, and new technologies constantly emerging, connecting your offices over the same network has never been easier.

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