Kobi’s Site-to-Site network


Bring your offices together and hook up your sites into a single network with Ethernet point-to-point – an ultra-fast, secure and flexible network that can connect just about anywhere

It makes sure all your networks operate as one, opening the door to increased collaboration and productivity across all your sites regardless of location.

You can run voice, data and video between sites, making sharing business-critical information a breeze. You get the same speeds upstream and downstream, it’s always on and there are no limits on how much of your bandwidth you use.

Okay, so you’re getting a super-fast, secure network to link your sites together – but that’s not all. When you bring them together with us, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase productivity by giving all your staff access to centralised applications and resources no matter which of your offices they’re in. It means you’ll be able to share information and applications between departments and sites effortlessly.
  • Focus on the important stuff – you’ll get up to seven classes of service so you can prioritise packets of data to make sure the important stuff always gets the highest priority.
  • Stay in control of your network – keep a close eye on performance with online reporting tools. Just log in at any time and check out the performance on your circuit and see how traffic is performing on your circuit too.

Call us in Dublin on 01 482 5810 for more information on our point to point networking


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