Kobi’s Geographic Numbers

Our geographic numbers, or virtual numbers, enable your business to have virtual operations anywhere in the world. Whether you would like the appearance of having a Galway office, even though you are based in Dublin, we can provide you with Galway number that links to your Dublin office. Or even have a London or Sydney number link to your Dublin office. Geographic numbers can transform your local business into an international one.

So why use geographic numbers?

  1. They enable you to appear as a local business, anywhere in the world.
  2. Your international clients can call you for the price of a local call.
  3. Experience a new market, without the overheads of a physical office and staffing.

Geographic numbers can be added to any of our VoIP phone system solutions, even linking to your mobile phones if you prefer. For more call saving options for your customers see the options below.

Freephone numbers – 1800

Best for driving sales and enhanced customer care. Make it easy for customers to contact you with an 1800 number that can be called for free from anywhere in the Republic of Ireland.


  • Attracts more potential customers by making it easier for them to call
  • Enhances customer service
  • Establishes a nationwide presence with geographic visibility
  • Increases response rates from advertising and marketing campaigns

Shared rate numbers – 1850

Best for generating inbound calls without having to pay the full cost of the call. The caller will be charged a fixed fee per call with the receiver paying the balance on a per-minute basis after an amount of free seconds.

Local rate numbers – 1890

Best for long duration customer service calls or technical support calls as the cost of the call is more evenly shared. The caller pays the ongoing local call charge and the receiver pays a fixed fee per call. Mobile calls are charged at additional per-minute levies.

Benefits of Shared and Local rate numbers:

• Decreases costs as the caller contributes to the call charge
• Attracts more potential customers by making it easier for them to call you
• Enhances customer service
• Establishes a nationwide presence
• Enhanced call management

National rate numbers – 0818

Best for general calls to business where the caller pays. The receiver incurs no costs and caller typically pays a low per-minute cost from a fixed phone (mobile call rates may vary).

Benefits of national rate:

• Allows customers to contact you without your business incurring the costs of receiving calls